NPWS Flora & Fauna

An exhibition celebrating the diversity of our unique animal and plant life following the devastation of the black summer bushfires.


January - March 2021

The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre NSW National Parks and Wildlife

Fauna & Flora is an exhibition of works by artist from Greater Sydney and the Central West NSW celebrating our unique plant and animal life following the Black Summer bushfires.


Meg Allen, Megan Butler, Pilar Basa, Kim Bagot-Hiller, Graham Davis-King, Carolyn Hide, Olivia Goodbee, Brittany Johnson, Sean O’Keefe, Jo Langley, Fleur Macdonald, Jan Melville, Mahalya Middlemist, Chia Moan, Julie Paterson, Katya Peteskaya, Meaghan Potter  rooke Sandersonettie SumnerFina Vaughan and Caroline Wilde.

Are we home yet? Pilar Basa