NPWS Birdland

The second annual exhibition of works depicting the beauty and diversity of Australia’s birdlife.


November 2021 – January 2022

The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre NSW National Parks and Wildlife

Artists: Maree Azzopardi; Kelcie Bryant-Duguid; Alison Dickin; John French; Anna Gardiner; Jody Graham; Peter Griffen; Maria Harding; Lisa Kennedy; Amber King; Denise Lithgow; Zona McDavitt; Tia Madden; Elissa Nolan; Freia Noss; Julie Paterson; Colleen Rees; Noriko Shimada; Steve Tredinnick; Fiona Vaughan;  Pam Vaughan; Monika Victoria;  April White

Curator: Miriam Williamson

In for the kill

Swift Parrot - Julie Patterson | Suspended - Jody Graham